Woodstock Day Nursery

By 9am the majority of our children have arrived and the first group/s will go into our garden, where the practitioners will open up the sand pit, get bikes out of the shed and set up activities chosen by the children.


The Cook will have arrived by now and started to prepare our meals for the day – we have a 5 week menu plan to ensure plenty of variety.  

The Nursery practitioners prepare the snacks of fruit and ‘something savoury’ that will vary each day. Morning snack starts at 9.30am.


The morning continues with the Tigers choosing whether to play indoors or outside and the younger age groups ensuring that their children do go outside every day.


Lunch is served at 11.50am, followed by a sleep time in the Buttercup room for those who need it and quiet activities throughout the rest of the nursery. Our sleeping children are settled onto low beds by their practitioners whilst they drift off listening to peaceful music.


The structure to the afternoon session is similar to the morning session with Snack starting at 2.30pm and tea being served at 4pm. Both the morning and afternoon sessions include a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities, some free choice time with some short, structured periods for story and music time, circle time, early phonics or a regular ‘special’ session of Milentos, Art or Story Telling/Making.






The day finishes with quiet activities and stories as the last children wait for their parents/carers to collect them. The nursery closes the door at 6pm.

Once breakfast is finished all the playrooms will be open and children will have separated into their age groups:


Tigers          3 and 4 year olds                      


Cats             2 year olds                              


Cubs            walking toddlers                                               then  


Kittens        babies                                      



A Day in the Life...

"My son loved going to nursery and I think they prepared him for school very well.  He has had a problem with his speech and the nursery helped him through this."

DB (Parent)


Bluebell Room Buttercup Room Poppy Room Poppy Room Daisy Room Menus

Woodstock’s day starts at 7.15am when the first staff arrive to ‘set up’ the nursery.


The doors open to our first children at 7.30am, who come into the Daisy room for breakfast – cereals, toast, with pancakes or croissants, ham, cheese, fruits and yoghurt with milk or water to drink – as the children finish they go off to one of the playrooms with our practitioners whilst other children take their place at the breakfast tables. We stop serving breakfast at 8am.

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