Woodstock Day Nursery

When organising activities we believe the smaller the group the better - giving more time to the notion of the individual - and this is reflected in the outgoing confidence of many of the children.


As they grow, we create tailor-made activities to enhance their interactive skills with the world around them and to encourage imaginative play.


Outdoor play is an essential part of every child's growth and development and our nursery is well-equipped with a large, safe, enclosed garden including sand pits, climbing frames and lots of outdoor toys. Each child is involved in the annual cycle of growth through planting seeds, helping to care for flowers and vegetables and sampling the eventual harvest.

There are regular outings and the children benefit from the extended learning that can be gleaned from every new experience. Our most recent trips have included visits to Fishers Farm, Drusilla's Zoo, Paulton's Park, local parks and the beach, as well as a visit to the nursery from a real Fire Engine.



Outdoor Play - sack race resized

"I can leave my child, go to work and not have to worry or give a second thought until home time which as a parent is incredibly difficult unless you have full trust and confidence in the person/people you are leaving them with."

Jemma Robinson (Parent)