Woodstock Day Nursery

On the first floor, Bluebell is the base room for our ‘Tigers’, the 3 and 4 year olds. It has the look of an Early Years classroom, with a large creative area, a literacy area, a maths area and a book corner. There are construction toys, magnets, puzzles, table top games and pegs to encourage the fine motor skills required to prepare children for writing, whilst encouraging their imagination and creative skills.


In this room, the children are encouraged to serve themselves at snack times, helping to cut their fruit and spread their bread or crackers. At lunch time the tables are set for 4 or 5 children with vases of flowers and one child will collect the plates and cutlery for the whole table – good early maths skills. The meals are brought up in serving dishes for the children to help themselves, under the guidance of the staff so no one child can, for example, clear the dish of roast potatoes! The children also pour their own water into their glasses and clear the tables – independence in strongly encouraged in this age group.




Bluebell Room

"I have recommended this nursery to a friend who is now using it.  I recommended it because it feels more like a home environment where your children are cared and nurtured to bring out the best.  You also feel supported as a parent and involved.  The facilities and extra activities and on site chef are the things I tell people."


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