Woodstock Day Nursery

Situated on the first floor, Buttercup is the base room for our ‘Cats’, the two-year-olds to start their day at nursery. There’s plenty of stimulus for physical activities and role play, with construction toys, train sets, a large dolls house and garage, puzzles, books, dressing up clothes and a large cosy area where the children can chat with friends or have a quiet time.


After lunch, Buttercup becomes our sleep room for after-lunch naps. All our toddlers, most of our 2 year olds and some of the 3 year olds need a rest/sleep during the day. This room is darkened by dropping the blinds, each child lies on a low ‘camp type’ bed with a clean pillow and is gently soothed to sleep by the practitioners with quiet music in the background. Any comforters associated with sleep can be given, e.g. teddy, bunny, muslin, taggy, to help the child drop off to sleep. Once the children are sleeping, one member of staff remains with them until all the children are awake. Once awake, the children return to the other playrooms where games and activities are continuing.



Buttercup Room

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"It is a little gem in our beloved Worthing.  We moved here from Brighton and there is no comparison with the high standard we found here!!!"