Woodstock Day Nursery

Daisy is also one of our ‘messy’ rooms, with plenty of opportunity to have fun with paints, water, jelly and lots of other materials. As our smallest room it is used for quiet, pre-school activities and for cooking as it is next door to the kitchen.


After lunch it is the ‘awake’ room for our under 3’s and you may find a train set laid out or role play games going on or playdough being moulded or a child on a practitioner’s lap having a story read as he/she finishes waking up after their sleep.



Daisy Room

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"Our child has been allowed and encouraged to be a child and explore every aspect of himself and the world around him.  He has learned to use his imagination in storytelling and other creative play that takes place.  I think attending this nursery has enriched his life and complimented his home life."