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By Woodstock Day Nursery, May 22 2015 10:19AM

We feel it is very important to the running of the nursery for our Parents to be involved in how the nursery operates.

Once a quarter we hold a Parent Forum to which all Parents are welcome to attend and bring along their views and ideas. This is often the starting point for new activities and family day themes.

If we are considering changing anything within the nursery we like to run it past our Parents first for their opinions as it their children who will be affected by these changes. For example, when we decided to update our menus, we asked the Parents for their children’s most and least favourite meal choices. Similarly it was out of a Parent Forum meeting that we decided to change the names of the age groups to Kittens, Cubs, Cats and Tigers.

Alongside the Forum we also have a 6 monthly survey, just to check that we are still providing the service that our families require.

Please come and join our next Forum, we are always a small informal group and remember that your opinion really does matter to us. We welcome your view whether complimentary or critical, that is how our Nursery continues to evolve.

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"I like the family feel and that the owner manages the nursery, as it doesn’t feel like a corporate chain."

Anna McCall (Parent)

"Managers are always striving to improve. Highly reflective improvement plans identify areas the setting can improve even further and include the thoughts and suggestions of all parents, which involves them in the running of the setting." (Ofsted 2015)

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